Nov 112011

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“Within the Black Warrior River lies Hurricane Creek. It flows from the town of Vance in Tuscaloosa County to the Black Warrior River at Holt, just northeast of Tuscaloosa. The length of the creek is approximately 32 miles long and flows entirely within the boundaries of Tuscaloosa County. Although the many commercial and industrial activities of Alabama’s past, primarily coal mining, have completely changed the creek, in most aspects Hurricane Creek is cleaner today than in previous decades.  However, Tuscaloosa County’s rapid population increase and industrial boom now threaten the creek’s future.  The citizens of Tuscaloosa need an organization to protect and restore our crown jewel, Hurricane Creek.  Even though there is a myriad of private and public agencies, each of whom have some role in the health of Hurricane Creek and its tributaries, The Friends of Hurricane Creek, is the only independent entity working for the protection of Hurricane Creek.”

John L. Wathen
Hurricane Creekkeeper
Friends of Hurricane Creek
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