Tips & Trick Play Boom Beach Without Using IAP

Okay we are now going to play the latest games on SupercellĀ  Boom Beach. But surely you will be IAP hassles his little disturbing. I was not the one that includes antipathy towards the IAP. Even recently, I was in a state which fully conscious when buying IAP in Smash Hit game. Principle me personally is if I could manage without IAP and how we do it all without using the IAP. If we talk about Boom Beach, meaning we will talk about the resource. Talking about this resource will always lead us to how to maintain the resource as possible. Keeping Resource as possible in Boom Beach means we will needĀ  types of buildings that have a function to maintain the resource that is Vault


We focus on building upgrades you to the vault that you have. Higher levels of Vault that you have, the smaller is also a resource that can be captured by the enemy. Now we see a simple calculation, for example Vault which you have already at level 13 total resource that can protect you by 75%.

We consider only the total resources (gold, wood, stone and Iron) that you have the resource of 1,000,000 which can be captured by the opponent who will attack your island that you can acquire 250,000 of the total resource. The rest is being stored in the base.
Another reason why the Vault is very important to be upgraded as much as possible is the island that became the base you were not protected by a shield like the game Clash of Clans. So easy anyone can attack your island. Here you already understand how important function in the island Vault. Next is you have to think of a way to keep our island that has the ability to survive the enemy attack. But if you want to quickly get free gems without to wait long you can use Boom Beach Hack Tool online here